Dr Susan

Empowering Midlife Wellness

Understanding that yout journey is just beginning

About Dr Susan

Dr. Susan is not only one of Houston’s most highly regarded businesswomen and a Texas “Top Doc”, but a highly stylized corner of the internet where women can receive sage advice on all things women’s health and womanhood.


Susan Hardwick-Smith wanted to breathe new life into a brand concentrated on coaching and written advice.

With the determination to provide a transformative experience, she set out to renew her brand identity, imbuing it with elements that would reflect her commitment to personal growth and holistic well-being. Not only was the aesthetic renewal sought, but also the strategic expansion of her message, thus laying the groundwork for a new chapter in her professional journey.

Leading Women's Health Market

As one of the leaders in women’s health in Houston, we believe that Dr. Susan’s presence should be paramount. Through search campaigns with generic women’s health terms, her clinic and her own name, we managed to position Dr. Susan as one of the first 3 results in Google.

Generating Leads & Website traffic

Another of our goals with Dr. Susan is to generate leads for each of the services offered. To do this, we generated a specific search campaign for each service, highly segmented to those women of the target age, living in Houston and actively searching for these services.
Through these campaigns, we’ve reached an average of 120 leads per month and increased the traffic to the website by 150%.

Editorial design

We carried out the design of an informative brochure for the innovative “Holistic Medical Weight Optimization Program” Additionally, we had the honor of creating the cover art for her book “Menopause 101”.

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