Dominique Sachse

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About Dominique Sachse

Dominique Sachse is a content creator, beauty and lifestyle encourager, journalist and author. She is one of Houston’s prominent voices, a longtime anchor for KPRC Channel 2 news, who felt like she had more to say.

UX/UI Redesign

In 2021, the brand was in need of not only a new vision, but expanded services once again dictated by what viewers wanted to see. Our team at QKStudio thought about every single aspect of the branding and website, discussing where we could improve and innovate. The work we did with Dominique Sachse also allowed us to build a brand that began innovating today for new developments and offerings in the future, based on future goal setting and research-based strategy into the market and likeminded brands.


With an improvement of everything from color palette to brand pillars, and target audience to brand goals, we’ve applied a new standard to all Dominique Sachse digital properties.

Cross-Channel Digital Optimization

Along with a multi-platform marketing strategy that ensures our content, recommendations, and features are more discoverable and interwoven across multiple platforms, we are implementing SEO strategies for each and every content piece, maximizing the reach of each episode of Dominique’s weekly video.

Digital Tool Improvements

Looking for an accessible text version of Dominique’s video, or a listing of her favorite products and where to find them? Our new “Findings” web portal, Media Kit, and other pages are exciting new additions to Dominique’s growing website. QKStudio has replaced a site originally geared to be more press and partner friendly into a one-stop shop for fans and friends alike.

Digital Ad Campaigns

We promoted the “Life Makeover” book launch through YouTube ad campaigns, achieving in one month 389.325 impressions, 41.629 clicks and 313 book orders. For this campaign, we targeted her YouTube channel’s subscribers and generated a lookalike audience as well. We used high impact video ads with clear Call To Actions.

High interest strategy

Considering the high volume of traffic to her website and Google searches about herself, we accompanied the video campaign with a Search campaign, highlighting the launch of her new book and the benefits of pre-ordering. We used exact match keywords and remarketing audiences to reach only those users who were truly interested in her products.

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