Quality Policies

ISO 9001:2015

At QKStudiowe stand out for the design and development of software and web or mobile applications that integrate attractive interfaces with the use of the latest technologies, generating functional, usable and intuitive applications for companies.

Our products are developed according to what the client needs. We managed to differentiate each business in the great world of what is today the Internet, through a precise, meticulous and detailed study of both the company that hires us and the public to which the product offered is directed.

We are multidisciplinary. The web or mobile software or site/application is designed and developed by experts and professionals in visual communication, development, marketing, usability and Internet positioning.

We provide a service of the highest quality and assume the risk of it because we know how to support it, combining experience and emerging technologies, adjusting costs to the client’s budget.

The seriousness, responsibility and dedication with which we do our work undoubtedly always generates the best results. We know how to achieve success for the client’s business.

For all this, we assume the commitment to comply with the applicable requirements and to continuously improve our quality management system, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.