Hello 2021

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¡Hello 2021!

It was proven that no January that begins with a pig falling from the sky can be a good omen to start a year! 😉 And this was evidenced by the appearance of COVID, however not all the aspects that the pandemic bequeathed to us are negative.

The virus at some point operated as a huge disruptor, it became an opportunity to rethink and redesign processes in many aspects of our daily lives, from the way we interact, work, study and even how we entertain ourselves. Possibly we are witnessing a great cultural and social change that occurred in just months, and since a return to normality as life was at the beginning of 2020 is still a long way off, we suggest you see the glass half full.

From a technological point of view, videoconferencing and teleworking are the norm for the moment. We have learned to become aware of the need to be more digital. Parents and grandparents became friends with technology from the hand of the youngest of the family, companies and businesses were transformed into the web or into apps to be able to offer their products and services. 2020 forced us to bring out our ability to adapt, and ultimately taught us to be optimistic despite everything and to value more the importance of being able to see each other.

We have also been much more supportive and empathetic, first with our family, then with our neighbors and also in the daily tasks of work, approaching our routine in a different way, planning thinking of others and contributing ideas to complement the work of others.

At QKStudio we adapt and our entire team pushed harder than ever, achieving incredible things, finishing projects carried out with a lot of love and talent. In addition, as if it were not enough in Argentina to have gone through the year successfully, the finishing touch came in November with a Sadosky award, becoming a gesture of approval, a caress to the commitment and dedication of this difficult period.

Finally, this pandemic has given us, as part of a strong resilience, the best memes in history to make us laugh and be able to cope with this 2020.

They say that every crisis is an opportunity, so this time, we are not saying goodbye to the year, we are pushing it overboardto receive better news for everyone from 2021.

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