Marketing in the metaverse what will it be like?


The metaverse positively impacts marketing because it constitutes a technological medium, through which marketing areas can offer their users a digital experience of their goods and services in a virtual space.

In this sense, the metaverse takes the customer experience to a higher level, since companies can create personalized digital content and integrate it into the physical reality of their audience.

And in addition, the client will have the possibility of testing your company’s products and services live.

In simple words, what is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a new medium for interacting and communicating. That offers a high-impact digital and sensory experience: you experiment with sight, speech and touch, you can walk…

The metaverse provides an interconnected virtual environment that mirrors reality, where users can digitally interact within the environment and with other users.

Although the metaverse cannot overcome person-to-person interaction, in the real or physical world, it can offer you immersive digital experiences, capable of scaling 3D experiences in real time.

Marketing in the metaverse

Marketing in the metaverse, means an evolution in the medium, through which a marketing strategy goes from digital to immersive, from a flat experience to an immersive sensation.

If digital campaigns, they use 2D communication channels (youtube, tik tok, for example). In the metaverse, immersive technologies are used for the user to feel and experience through their senses.

The metaverse is a world where technology takes a backseat and experiences come to the fore .A transformation is required in the creation of content, so that they generate interactive experiences that promote the participation of the avatar (users and customers).

Examples of interactive content include: interactive videos, quizzes, quizzes, calculators, interactive maps, etc.

The challenge of the marketing area is to rely on the metaverse to generate attractive virtual experiences that manage to retain users, that is, that the digital presence (avatar) of the user experiences a unique sensation, never seen before.

Why should your company be in the metaverse?

The metaverse is in its initial phase of growth and many companies are investing in it, since it has the potential to be applied in various sectors: entertainment, fashion, sports, education, real estate, medicine, etc.

We mention relevant aspects that we consider you should take into account to assess the importance of the metaverse for your company:

  • It provides companies with new ways to engage consumers with their brand: apply an immersive approach, promoting your products and services in 3D.
  • It favors collaborative work, speeds up operational processes on a larger scale, positively impacting productivity and efficiency.
  • New trade channel for digital and physical goods, which will encourage new virtual businesses.
  • Go beyond geographical limits, you will be able to reach more places, thus having more business opportunities.

The metaverse has brought about significant changes in the way we communicate and interact, promoting immersive and interactive customer experiences in a virtual environment.

Marketing finds in the metaverse the possibility of using virtual and augmented reality to create digital content and experiences, capable of provoking a unique and sensory sensation with a high impact on customers.

Companies that implement the metaverse will have a new way of relating to their customers, which will strengthen engagement, increase their sales and ensure new business opportunities.

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