Design for “Romania Land” for Unilever South Central Europa and also we have created banners for Google Ads.


Rexona by QKStudio

Design and development of the Microsites for the “Rexona Men-Women” and “Rexona Crystal” campaigns.
We have also worked on banners related to the aforementioned campaigns.


Peroni Italy

Design and Development of the institutional website for Peroni Italy.
Design and Development of the website for the “Peroni Yacht Week” campaign.


Knorr website

We design different microsites for Knorr Romania, including the customization of spaces on social networks.

Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders

Website Design and Development for the “Woman-Men Ask” campaign.
Design of banners for different campaigns and different sizes / platforms.
MicroSite design for the campaign related to the TV program “Survivor” Romania.



We have designed and developed a website for the Ozon+ campaign, and a promotional microsite.
We’ve created an interactive game for the campaign “Pata trece, prospetimea dureaza”.
We work on campaigns for Google Ads, creating banners in several formats and sizes.


We design campaigns for Google Ads for various topics, Olympic games, first home, etc.

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson website

Website design and development for Sony Ericsson Plaza. Campaign development for Google Ads for the launch of one of your mobile devices.


Nestlé Joe Website

Design and development of the website for the “Joe” product campaign for Nestlé.


Maxespresso cafe

A Premium coffee inspired by the tradition that has awakened an entire country for hundreds of years.

JD Fields

Design and development of the corporate website of JD Fields, including a wallbuilder calculator (for designers, contrators and owners), a rig counter, a blog and a global view of JD Fields’ many locations over a map.