Six reasons why companies benefit from a Virtual Office

Virtual Office QKStudio

The development of the Virtual Office collaborates in the digital transformation of your company, allowing clients to provide a personalized service through a digital channel with quick access and easy use.

Thanks to this implementation, a change in the perception of users is achieved, becoming the friendly face of the organization, improving the positioning of the corporate image through innovation.

How does an OV work?

The Virtual Office integrates with the current systems of the company and is of gradual and modular implementation.

It provides the company with a virtual platform through which it can provide a comprehensive service of higher quality, and develop an effective communication channel. Making available to customers a useful, simple and fast self-management commercial tool that provides answers to their needs.

What advantages does the Virtual Office have?

  1. It allows to provide a better service by providing clients with a platform to solve all their procedures at any time and place.
  2. Provides proactive support and improves communication through various types of notifications to inform (scheduled shutdown notice, contingency notice, early default campaigns, etc.)
  3. It increases productivity and optimizes costs by decompressing the influx of public to the branches, reducing the attention of the cashiers in the commercial offices.
  4. It allows users to easily pay invoices after the 2nd due date by offering various means of payment, thus reducing delinquency. Reduce collection times by accelerating collection by having online payment channels.
  5. Improve effective contacts by providing traceability information for decision making.
  6. Service companies spend a lot of money sending paper invoices and yet 70% of the claims to the Call Center are due to non-receipt of the invoice, having to resend the invoice, the expiration date must be changed, generating an economic damage to the company for the delay in collection. With the use of the Virtual Office, companies can greatly reduce the cost of this shipment, payment times and calls to the Call Center.

In short, with the implementation of a Virtual Office, users will be able to interact directly with the company through the digital channel, making all those queries and claims regarding commercial or technical issues, notably improving the perception of the company, having a pleasant and improving the quality of care, while the company receives the direct benefit of reducing its costs.