A partnership for educational innovation

Asistencia por QR Facultad de Artes UNLP

At QKStudio we are passionate about developing technological solutions for various fields, including education. That’s why, when the Cátedra Tecnología 2B of the Faculty of Arts of the National University of La Plata approached us with the idea of innovating the attendance register of their students, we were instantly excited. We know that the use […]

Marketing in the metaverse what will it be like?

The metaverse positively impacts marketing because it constitutes a technological medium, through which marketing areas can offer their users a digital experience of their goods and services in a virtual space. In this sense, the metaverse takes the customer experience to a higher level, since companies can create personalized digital content and integrate it into […]

6 steps to have a fast and safe mobile experience

site performance

With the acceleration of digitalization, users’ mobile experience plays a crucial role in your business. Discover 6 essential steps to navigate the possible barriers, guarantee excellent online support and boost the growth of your brand. In a changing world, the mobile experience is, without a doubt, asserting itself as the key digital touchpoint in both […]

Digital Transformation: which are the challenges faced by organisations?

Changes over the last year have accelerated digitalization and bring to the fore the new needs companies need to take into account in order to continue making headway in their digital transformation processes. Data will always be central to brands and agencies, but today, more than ever, data is the main focus. As a consequence […]

7 Keys to achieve a more accessible website

7 Keys to achieve a more accessible website

At QK Studio we are committed to a more inclusive world, this is why we develop all of our products according to certain guidelines and techniques that allow the web to be more accessible to everyone. Here are some tips and keys to achieve it: 1. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT: it is advisable to describe the images […]

The new normal of studying OnLine

The Mausi Sebess Education Master Chef Institute knew how to adapt to the new educational situation and together with QKStudio managed in just a few months to become the first gastronomy school in the world to offer all its content virtually.