Dominique Sachse


We actively worked in art direction to create her Brand ID. We also helped Dominique with the promotion of her new book through conversion and search ads campaigns to reach her more than 1.75 millions of subscribers.

Dr Susan

Dr Susan

We’ve worked to build a 360 brand, forcing the website to be re-branded as well, and navigate the marketing pathway to the launch of her book “Sexually Woke”. From establishing the brand rules and communication strategy, to giving it digital legs in the form of a totally revamped website and marketing strategy. Our ongoing goal with Dr. Susan is to build a community of women who want to speak honestly about what they are going through, with the right tribe of women around them.

Camuzzi Gas

Camuzzi Gas

We reinvented the management of public services, developing a new virtual office, institutional website, and customer service portals for large clients, agents and members.

Laboratorios Bagó

Laboratorios Bagó

We work on the design and development of the institutional websites for Laboratorios Bagó, Grupo Bagó, Bagóvit, Bagóhepat. We integrate their Human Resources Portal with SAP and create Bagó Innova, one of the health e-learnings with extensive scientific content.

Master Chef Education

Master Chef Education

We accompany the digital transformation of Education Master Chef, by Mausi Sebess, collaborating in its conversion as the first gastronomy school in the world to offer all its content virtually.


Its institutional vision is to be a permanent consultant to the State, guarantor of legal certainty, being committed to the community and at the forefront of technology.

To fulfill this last point, we became your technological partner and developed a portal to match.

&Beyond Yacht Charters

We worked with &Beyond in the design and development of their website, helping to position the brand with Google Ads campaigns and Community Management strategies.

San Miguel City Council


From the development of the App and the Municipality’s Website, we focus part of the work on achieving: Greater efficiency in carrying out procedures, modernizing systems, promoting transparency, strengthening and expanding communication channels with neighbors. The “San Miguel Conectado” App won the Sadosky Award as the Best IT Solution 2015.

Vicente López City Council

Vicente López APP

We work with the Municipality of Vicente López, developing the Apps Mi Barrio, Mi Barrio Go and RRHH as well as institutional microsites.

Carne Collective

Carne Collective website

We develop a new subscription flow for the custom boxes. Also we add several third-party services on the web and we are working all the time on new features for the business model.

Gaby Natale – Superlatina

Gaby Natale Superlatina

Design and development for Gaby Natale, including her personal website, the tv show portal called “Superlatina” and the microsite for her agency. Also QKStudio made her Presskit and works on her social media branding.

The Clifton Foundation

Clifton Foundation

QKStudio worked to create a digital space to contain The Clifton Foundation student community. A social platform was developed in order to be able to visualize and apply to the available opportunities, work or micro economic aid to develop their entrepreneurship.


Peroni Italy

Design and Development of the institutional website for Peroni Italy.
Design and Development of the website for the “Peroni Yacht Week” campaign.

Platense Society of Anesthesiology


We’ve created a Medical & Educational Mobile App. Allows Doctors to become partners and have control over meetings, accounting files, and get news updated.


Maxespresso cafe

A Premium coffee inspired by the tradition that has awakened an entire country for hundreds of years.

Berg Hospitality Group


We’ve design and developed the websites for his brands BB Itailia, BB Lemon, Turners, The Butchers Shop y The Annie, and also desing several collateral pieces like menu, posters and ads for magazines or websites.

Lone Star Flight Museum

As the Lone Star Flight Museum was set to take flight to a new facility at the Ellington Airfield, the museum needed an open source web platform and website integrations to ensure that not only would the move be smooth, but no time would be loss in the integration process. Along with the construction of a new website, QKStudio worked with the Lone Star flight museum to develop a digital museum-specific functionality on their website to unveil the new locations, as well as partnering with Blackbaud software to make sure that the museum’s event and purchasing integrations worked seamlessly across all platforms.

Oak Estates

Oak Estates is a private website exclusive for the neighborhood members, including several services for the Oak community.

DBC Fitness

DBC Miami

Website & eCommerce design and developent, plus a calendar event.